We are now closed  No pets allowed in the orchard. No backpacks allowed in the orchard.

Apple Variety     Best Uses                                                                                 Harvest Date

Honey Crisp                    A crisp, juicy and sweet apple with a melting flavor. #1 in tasting panels.                          Mid to late September


Golden Supreme            An early, crisp and sweet variety of Golden Delicious.                                                       Early to Mid September




Jonagold                         Large, firm, sweet-tart with juicy crunchy flesh. Excellent for fresh use and processing.   Early to Mid October


McIntosh-Red Max         Crisp, sweet flavor.  Everyone's favorite!                                                                            Early to Mid September


Macoun                           Highly aromatic, McIntosh-type dessert apple.                                                                  Mid to Late September


Pink Lady                        Fruit is medim to large cruip, with a sweet tart flavor                                                         Early November


Fuji                                  Fruit is largeand very firm. Nice coloration with red stripe over yellow backround             Early to mid October


Twin Bee Gala                Crisp, firm and juicy with a sweet flavor.                                                                             Early to Mid September


Cortland                          Large red striped fruit, white flesh. Excellents for making desserts and cooking               Early to mid October


Braeburn                         Late season apple. Medium to large fruit with sweet tart flavor and long storage life.       Early November


Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 4:30 pm  We do not allow pets into the orchard. No backpacks allowed into the orchard. Apple bag pricing:

1/2 peck $10.00 2 people - full peck $20.00 3 to 4 people - 1/2 bushel $35.00 5 people and up. Apple varities available Honeycrisp - Gala - Mcintosh Red Max- Macoun - Golden Supreme. Anyone picking in fenced off areas will be asked to leave no refund no excuses. Please do not climb on or sit on our stone walls they are fragile and expensive to repair. There is a $10.00 minimum on credit card purchases.